Technology Is In; Humanities Are Out. But So What?

by William S. Frank, President/CEO of CareerLabĀ®

How will you get ahead in a world of AI, algorithms, and big data?

First of all, think creatively. Some of the skills needed for future success are:

    1. Curiosity,
    2. Critical Thinking,
    3. Writing,
    4. Self-awareness,
    5. Self-knowledge,
    6. Teaming(Collaborating),
    7. Speaking-Presenting,
    8. Learning, and
    9. Change Management.

Not everyone needs to be an IT professional or rocket scientist. As a matter of fact, it’s better if some aren’t.

STEM is the big thing these days. Technology is in; humanities are out. But as an example, I’ve succeeded with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and a master’s in philosophy. (The word philosophy comes from two Greek roots: philo, meaning “the love of,” and sophia, meaning “wisdom.”) These degrees taught me two things useful in business: 1) how to think, and 2) how to write.

I’m more of a PALM guy (Philosophy/Psychology, Art, Literature, Music).

If you’re a PALM person too, that could be a good thing.

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