II. The Million Dollar Resume

This section prepares you to make your case. The outcome is MARKET READINESS.

Photo by Sven Mieke

We don’t call this a “Million Dollar Resume” because you should suddenly jump from $150,000 to $1,000,000 overnight. That would be neat if we could achieve it, but we cannot. Nor do we call it “The Million Dollar Resume” because we feel careers are all about the money. Just the opposite.

“The Million Dollar Resume” means that your written words should position you at or above your current title and salary level, not below. There are exceptions, of course. Some people willingly choose a lower salary or smaller title for family or lifestyle considerations. 

But most candidates want to go forward in title and compensation, not backward. While there are no guarantees, this resume format works: it opens the door for job offers. Employers love it, executive recruiters love it, hiring managers love it, and your friends will love it.

Best of all, having a really powerful resume boosts your confidence. When you see yours, you should think, “I feel great about myself, better than I ever imagined.” I call that “psychological comfort,” the feeling you get when you love your own history and want to show it off.

Let’s get started.