Consulting Letters

My definition of a consultant is “Someone who wakes up every morning unemployed.” Consultants are perpetual job-hunters, so they need letters to open doors and make things happen. 
I’ve been extraordinarily lucky with my consulting practice. I began in a spare bedroom of my house, and grew a $1,000,000 professional services business withn 11 years. Since 1978, more than 350 brand-name corporations have hired us as consultants. Did I say we’re extraordinarily lucky?

Letters, notes, memos, e-mails have played a vital role in our success. I describe myself as an introvert masquerading as an extrovert, so the written word has helped me a lot. If you’re consulting, or thinking about consulting, I’d like to share my time-tested library with you. Perhaps it will open doors, defuse an angry client, announce a big event, or snatch a major account from a competitor.