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Reading Glasses You've made the financial commitment to develop an online presence. Now comes the easy part—completing the content—you know, filling in the blanks with facts, figures, numbers, details, compelling copy.

Not the easy part, you say?

Let us help. CareerLab offers a variety of services to help you complete your Executive Portfolio the way you want it, and the way readers will expect it. Let us know what suits your needs from the following:

  1. Editing: You write it. We edit. This option fits those who know what they want to say, and want a set of objective, editing eyes to check spelling, punctuation and grammar. $495 includes two hours of editing and one review discussion session in person or by phone.

  2. Professional Editing & Rewriting: You create the basic content. We edit and do fundamental rewriting. This is the right choice for those who want to make sure that their presentation and content are not just "up to speed," but superb. $995 includes four hours of wordsmithing/editing, one preview discussion session, and one review discussion session in person or by phone.

  3. Writing, Editing, Rewriting: This is the "whole enchilada." Under this option we do it all. First, we interview you at length, much like a reporter would, to determine your goals and objectives. Then we draft the appropriate text for your job targets, project lists, work samples, and biographical pieces. Options range from complete development and writing to creation of particular sections, and any other specialized needs.

    When we finish, you'll be amazed at how great you look. (Your Executive Portfolio will knock your socks off. Better yet, it will knock your readers' socks off!) This is the right choice for people who want the best, but don't want to spend extensive time and effort themselves to make it happen. Pricing is based on specific goals, objectives, and time considerations that we will identify together.

Interested, but not sure which way to go? Let's talk it through. Call Bill Frank at 303-790-0505, or e-mail wsfrank@careerlab.com your thoughts. We will explore the possibilities to find the right fit for you.

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