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The Weekly User Group

Creating your Executive Portfolio™ should be Fun, Fast, and Easy. If you need help and advice along the way, or if you simply want to call in to network, to see what's going on, or to support others, come join the Weekly User Group, a facilitated conference call which meets every Thursday morning. The call is FREE, except for the cost of your long distance charges, if any. Here are the specifics:

    WHEN: Every Thursday
    TIME: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    PHONE: Send e-mail for details
    AGENDA: 30 minutes - Building Your Portfolio; 30 minutes - Marketing Ideas
An experienced executive career consultant hosts the Weekly User Group, and follows a structured agenda. Please join the call at the top of the hour. You may drop out any time, but it is distracting to have new callers join midway in the discussion.

Weekly User Group See you Thursday at 11:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST). Build your portfolio.


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