Terminations, Firings, and Layoffs with Happy Endings
by William S. Frank, President/CEO of CareerLab®
Workers being fired and hired
  OUTPLACEMENT is the business of helping people losing their jobs to be re-employed. Sometimes it’s done one-on-one, sometimes in groups. I've done onesie-twosies and worked in 5,000-person layoffs. Not all stories have happy endings, but most do. Here are a few of my favorite: If you're in the job market, I hope you're encouraged by these true stories. None are fictionalized, except that some names are changed. No matter what your employment or life situation, you can have a bright future. This isn't Pollyanna. It's based on my real-world experience providing career consulting, executive coaching, and outplacement to 356 brand-name companies. As the English poet Robert Browning taught us, "The best is yet to be!"

William S. Frank (Bill) is President/CEO of CareerLab® in Denver, CO—USA. Bill does one thing right: he helps businesspeople maximize their careers. That's it. Nothing else. He works nationally in-person or by phone. Companies hire him and so do forward-thinking individuals. Since 1978, 356 brand-name corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions in far-ranging industries have hired Bill to provide Testing & Assessment, Executive Coaching, and Outplacement. If you like his writing, his website www.careerlab.com includes 200 free articles and www.cover-letters.com offers 1,000 FREE cover letters.

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