Letters from Ted Cline
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9800 Parkmoor Drive West
Denver, Colorado 80134

February 7, —

Mr. Bill Frank
10475 Park Meadows Drive, STE 600
Lone Tree, CO 80124

Dear Bill:

I apologize for not writing sooner as my consulting business has been booming! So in a way, it's really your fault.

It's really hard to believe that your worked with me just a little over a year ago and everything is really working out great. I can still picture myself in your office thinking, "Just what can you do for me?" Obviously, that was never discussed with you, but I had some real concerns about some of the activities you had me perform.

It's easy for me to say today that it all now makes sense. Everything from letterhead, business cards, advertising, mailings, letter composition, resumes, etc. Everything functions now just like clockwork. People respond to my ads, referrals come seemingly from the blue, and most of all—I'm doing something I really love to do and my blood pressure is now normal.

Just last week I presented a systems plan to a group of executives and the approved the multi-million dollar plan within two days, and want me to kick off the plan for the first three months. A success story? Your bet!

Call me when you get a chance for lunch. Oh yes, I'll buy lunch as you can guess the cash flow has unbelievably improved.

Ted Cline

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