By William S. Frank, President of CareerLab
  Are you concerned about your financial future? Do you wonder how much you'll need to retire? Do you wonder how far you are along the path? Wouldn't it be nice to have a map to tell you exactly where you stand? Financial planners and large insurance companies attempt to construct a financial plan, but it's often designed to help them sell their products and services, not to give you an objective view of your situation. In addition, their high commissions eat into your assets.

I've worked with many financial planners before. In fact, The International Association of Financial Planners (IAFP) was a client of mine. Many years ago, two Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) drew up plans for me, and neither helped me. The plans showed bar charts explaining where I was financially (very small bar) and where I need to be (giant bar). The process was quite discouraging, not motivating at all.

In contrast, Fred Holland, a longtime friend and colleague has helped me a great deal. Fred graduated from Stanford with an M.B.A., served as Executive Assistant to the Chairman & CEO of Consolidation Coal ($1.5B), then became President of IREX Corporation ($93M). In 1987 Fred was featured in Fortune magazine when he made a successful career change out of Oil & Gas into Financial Planning.

Fred has created a way for anyone to get a helpful, objective overview of their your financial situation. He can show you exactly where you'll be year by year for the rest of your life, making certain assumptions. Best of all, Fred's SuccessMap is not linked to product sales of any kind, in any way.

When we began to partner with Fred on my future security, I was working 60-hour weeks--the same as many professionals. I had no time for lengthy, time-wasting busywork. I was thrilled to learn that his process is quick and easy. Painless.

I spent about 30 minutes giving Fred information by phone. He ran the data through the PC program he designed. Then we spent an hour face-to-face reviewing his written report. It was a relief to see the facts clearly spelled out before me in simple terms I could understand.

In the past I had always worried about money. I knew I had to have a pile to retire; I just didn't know how big the pile needed to be, or how far along the path I was. Fred's program showed me exactly where I stood, and spelled out steps for reaching my goals.

As a result, I've been more relaxed about the future ever since. I'm much less frantic about working and earning. I see exactly how my investments will appreciate, and then decline as I age--with adequate resources to insure my security. I feel as if I'm off the anxiety treadmill.

Since I completed my plan, many years ago, Fred has always kept me on track. And he's the kind of person who always has time to answer personal questions. I trust Fred a great deal. He manages all my family's personal investments, he manages our company's profit sharing plan. In addition, he has helped me make wise decisions about my parents property and investments. As a strategic partner with CareerLab Fred has worked with several dozen senior executives who have come through our doors with large severance packages and high net worths. All of us have been remarkably satisfied with him and his company, Investment Security Group, Inc.

There are software programs on the market that purport to do financial planning, but my research shows they don't get the job done. They're too simple and generic; they don't take enough specific life circumstances into account. (In addition, most are hard to learn.)

If you're over 35--and certainly if you're 45 or 50--Fred's program might be a great benefit to you and to your family. Give him a call at 303-759-9808 to learn more about the SuccessMap brand financial plan.

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