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Thank you for your support and help in my career transition. I believe this [new position] is a good fit for me, and The Birkman was certainly helpful in assessing that.
—MD, Medical Director
My week of intensive work in Denver really helped me get better focused.
—MD, Editor of Medical Publication for Lay Public
I have just consummated an important consulting assignment with a major group of primary care physicians. ThePhysicianCareerNetwork™ played a significant role in my achieving this contract! Many, many thanks.
—MD, MS, MHS, Physician Consultant
I deeply appreciate the time you took to discuss the services of CareerLab and your personal philosophy. It was encouraging to hear from someone who has been through the transition successfully. The other consultants with which I had spoken could not bring to bear your unique perspective, not being clinicians.
—DO, Pain Management
Your influence on my professional development has been profound. From the Birkman assessment through the three-day visit, on to the two-page resume, friends' group—and especially networking—my professional self concept is becoming completely transformed. ThePhysicianCareerNetwork™ approach has its roots in a deeper, existential view of work and its meaning. I appreciate your creativity and persevering efforts.
—MD, Medical Director of HMO
The search has finally ended. Thank you for your help along the way.
I just started my new job.
—MD, District Sales Manager, MRI Manufacturer
I certainly got a lot out of the Birkman assessment. It's taken some time for all the concepts to sink in, but I'm already using and applying them. This is the beauty of your program. I've decided to stay put and, therefore, have accepted an employment opportunity doing general pediatrics.
—Pediatrician, Philadelphia
I've interviewed other firms that said they provided physician career management, but you're the first that really has the resources to do it.
There are tricks and tools that you can use to manage your career, and the specialists at ThePhysicianCareerNetwork™ have them all.
—MD, Professional Healthcare Speaker
I'm indebted to ThePhysicianCareerNetwork™ for your extraordinarily creative approach to the job search process. Thank you for including me.
—MD, Medical Director, Large HMO in New York
This is exactly what I've been looking for.
—Family Practitioner
The results [of the Birkman assessment] were clarifying, confirmatory and validating—and explanatory. As I expressed, I had a couple of reservations about some of the descriptions, but, in the vast majority, I find the Birkman results dead on.
—David Nissen Kahn, MD

"One never goes so far as when one
doesn't know where one is going."
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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