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Follow-up to Electronic Recruiter Mailing, by William S. Frank

Let's assume you've e-mailed a cover letter and resume to executive recruiters using Kennedy's myResumeAgent distribution service, which is the best in the market. Here's what may happen next, and some heads-up tips:

  • You will probably get some confirming e-mails and also some e-mails suggesting that they don't recruit in your specialty.

  • Some may ask you to visit their website to fill out their intake forms. Do this as time allows.

  • Some may request money for memberships and other services. Don't give them any money until we have talked to approve it. Legitimate websites will not require a fee.

  • You may receive phone calls to learn a little more about your background.

  • You may receive calls offering to find you a job, or assist you in finding a job for a fee. Thank them kindly, and don't pay. It is a bait-and-switch and conflict of interest for a job counselor to pretend to be a recruiter.

  • Anytime a recruiter discusses a job, find out if it is a legitimate job. Ask the recruiter for the name of the company they're recruiting for. If they give it, that's a plus. It means they're working on retainer on an exclusive search assignment. (No one else can fill the job.)

  • Ask the recruiter is they have a job description. If they can't or won't send you a job description, they're merely fishing. Assume they don't have a real job.

  • If a recruiter asks to meet you to "interview" you, ask them to send a job description first. If they can't produce it, it is merely a ruse to meet to sell you their services.

  • As in all areas of life, buyer beware.

  • However, a good recruiter might introduce you to the job of a lifetime.

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