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Lifetime Career Management.

  SUBJECTIVE Just as you explore, inquire, and listen to your patients, our subjective analysis of your career situation and future options is driven by one-on-one interviews and group discussions. Beginning with a brief autobiography, and simple paper-and-pencil exercises, we get to know you thoroughly.  

  OBJECTIVE After you’ve taken the H&P, your lab tests provide diagnostic data. We follow the same process, and the Birkman Method® is our all-in-one EKG, x-ray, CT Scan, and MRI. The 50-page report identifies your usual behaviors, underlying needs, stress behaviors, and best career matches for the future.  

  ASSESSMENT After you gather data and formulate a diagnosis, you enumerate your findings as your patient’s assessment. Our assessment becomes the blueprint for your treatment, the roadmap we use to validate our plans and guide the direction of your success.  

  PLAN These are your patient’s "marching orders," the actions - medications, treatments and referrals to follow. Your plan at PCN includes action steps, timing, and the tools you’ll use. And, we work with you every step of the way through the plan’s implementation, from beginning to successful conclusion.  


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