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  Showcase Your "Home Run" Accomplishments, Part 5
by William S. Frank

How to Start

  1. Take a separate sheet of paper for each job title you've had. If you've had six different roles inside one company, you'll still need six pieces of paper. Volunteer experience counts as a job. So does school. So does being a homemaker.

  2. Quickly write your accomplishments for each job "off the top of your head." Don't worry about grammar or form. Just get them down. Brainstorm.

  3. Then clean them up. Go back and add details. Refer to your patient charts or past performance reviews for facts and numbers. Tighten them up. Edit and shorten them.

  4. Read Gary Provost's article,Pack Every Word With POWER. It's the best short article on writing I've seen. This is important. Don't skip this step! Then rewrite.

  5. Let others read your accomplishments and give you ideas. Incorporate their ideas into your work.

  6. Sort your accomplishments into functional categories (or core competencies) such as clinical, technical, teaching, or practice management. Executives often use categories like marketing, general management, budgeting and finance, cost containment, public relations and so on.

  7. Prioritize your accomplishments putting the most-important first, the second most-important second, and so on, and the least important last.

  8. Merge your triples and home runs into your resume chronologically, so that they appear in the time slot where they happened.

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