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  The Birkman Method One reason we rely so heavily on The Birkman is that it is such a versatile tool. We use The Birkman Method in physician and staff coaching and performance improvement, partnership team alignment, and physician career transition. We've also used it to streamline hiring, establish job fit, reduce turnover, and improve retention. Our physician clients use the reports to improve communication and resolve conflict. It has helped them improve productivity and increase practice effectiveness.  
  Most MDs who take the Birkman find it remarkably accurate—say 95-98% accurate—and unbelievably on-target. "Far too accurate!" quipped one recent user. They also describe it as user-friendly, positive, and personally supportive and inspiring:
  • "This has been a valuable, fantastic experience."
  • "Pretty damn interesting."
  • "You've got to tell me where you've got the cameras hidden in this office."
  • "It's so amazingly accurate I'm totally baffled . . . and pleased."
  • "Oh wow, I wouldn't have thought I was this structured . . . This is me.
    I would like it to be different, but I think it's accurate."
Here's how it works: you answer a series of simple statements about yourself and other people, and an interest survey. The process takes about 45 minutes, and can be done over the Internet in a variety of languages. At least 20 standard and customized reports can be generated from these responses. These sample pages from Birkman reports (in Adobe Acrobat format) will give you an idea of their content and appearance. A full assessment, which often runs 75 pages in length, may include these segments, plus many others.
  Call Bill Frank at +1/303-790-0505 or send e-mail to to order the Birkman Method® questionnaire and unlock your potential.

The results [of the Birkman assessment] were clarifying, confirmatory and validating—and explanatory. I had a couple of reservations about some of the descriptions, but, in the vast majority, I find the Birkman results dead on. ~ David Nissen Kahn, MD, Nephrologist


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