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12 Easy Ways to Market Yourself

The key marketing advantage of the Executive Portfolio(tm) is that it is new, interesting, and unique. It's newsworthy . . . it creates "buzz." In addition, it makes you stand out on those things that matter most: the critical aspects that are key to the hiring decision.

Because it's a new, exciting concept, it's fun to talk about. Your friends will be curious, as will recruiters and hiring managers. As with everything beneficial in life, though, "Effort = Results." The Executive Portfolio(tm) won't help you much unless it is fully completed and "taken to market." Here are some tips:

  1. After you are satisfied with your content, go to the "Welcome" page of your portfolio. Click the "Print This Portfolio" link at the top of the page (left side). Carry the written version of your website with you during your job campaign, just as you do your resume. Use it as a presentation document during meetings and interviews.

  2. Include your unique URL (address) on business cards, letterhead, resumes, brochures, news releases, advertisements, and every other promotional item you use. Include the URL in the footer of every e-mail you send or return, along with your name, address, and telephone numbers.

  3. Send an e-mail to everyone in your address book announcing your site. Here is a sample:
    Sandra, I've just created an Internet web page to manage and promote my career, and I'd like you to be one of the first to see it. Go to http://portfolio.intalent.com/myname150. Please take a moment to review the site, and then give me a call or e-mail with your thoughts and comments. I've received favorable reviews so far, and your opinion has always been extremely valuable to me. Warm regards, Mitchell.

  4. Include your URL on all "job boards" and in all Internet applications and forms you fill out.

  5. As you encounter contacts online, send your URL instead of, or in addition to, a resume.
    For example:  
    Dear Dr. Stone, I read your feature article in Fast Company, and have a similar interest in management team alignment. I've created an interesting spreadsheet showing the length of executive tenure at 10 "lean manufacturing" companies. You can find the chart on my website at http://portfolio.intalent.com/myname150. When you get there, click "Experience," and then click "Work Sample 2." You may reach me at 800-555-1212 or at myname@msn.com. If I haven't heard from you in 7-10 days, I'll give you a call to hear your thoughts. Best wishes, Mike McCuen.

  6. Use your site as a point of discussion with friends, recruiters, employers, and potential clients or customers. Offer to walk them through it page by page. They will be amazed.

  7. Include the URL when you answer want ads in newspapers or professional journals.

  8. When you give a talk or seminar, when you receive a promotion or job offer, when you've achieved anything newsworthy, send a press release to the business editor of your local newspaper or trade journal, and mention your website. (Call the business desk of your newspaper or the executive director of your trade or professional association for their guidelines on news releases.)

  9. As you meet people at professional meetings, trade shows, networking groups, and social events, ask them if they have ever heard of an online Executive Portfolio(tm). The question itself will begin a lively discussion about you and your career. Use this opportunity to offer them a printout or quick tour of your site. Showing them the Internet site is generally more effective.

  10. Include the URL in your bio for clubs, volunteer groups, and business presentations.

  11. Show your website to your current employer to keep them updated on your talents, accomplishments, and job preferences. Build yours.

  12. If you list your URL (Web address) and key words on search engines, your name and Executive Portfolio(tm) will be indexed to come up in Internet searches. This means you'll be visible to employers, recruiters, and anyone looking for your talents. And not just visible locally or regionally, but also nationally, even internationally.

    Here's how to list yourself on three of the best search engines. All three offer FREE listings--however, because of the high volume of new pages hitting the Internet daily, the FREE listings may take 4-6 weeks to appear. Be willing to consider paid listings which are much faster.

    1. Go to Google. This is a FREE listing on one of the Web's best search engines. Simply type in your URL and a few key words-away you go!
    2. Go to AltaVista Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click "Submit a Site," then choose "Express Inclusion." Express inclusion costs $39.00, updates your URL weekly, and lasts six (6) months. FREE listing takes 4-6 weeks.
    3. Go to Yahoo! Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click "How to Suggest a Site." Follow the directions for your FREE listing. Yahoo also offers an "Express Submission" at $299 per year. Quite pricey, but perhaps worth the investment if it produces the job offer you're seeking.

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