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The 250 Letters collection is divided into two parts:

  1. How to Write a GREAT Letter.
    This section includes 13 topics on do's and don'ts. If you don't read anything else in the collection, read 1) What to do for a quick job search and 2) The most important letter you'll ever write.

  2. 250 of the World's Best Letters
    (This may be where you just came from). These are the actual letter samples. This section is divided into 20 subsections, as you'll see in the menu, because there are 20 different kinds of letters: thank you letters, want ad letters, letters to executive recruiters, and so on. It's a simple task to pick a topic, say to "Get help from consultants--or become one" and browse the letters in that part of the collection. In most cases, you'll have to look at six or eight different letters on a topic to find one that can be easily adapted to your situation.

  If you don't find precisely the letter you want, check out our terrific Search Engine. Try searching on a company name (like IBM), a specific industry (like Cable TV), a functional area (like accounting), or any job title (like CFO). Try searching several different ways. You can search on concepts (like thank you or job hunting resources (like recruiters). There's no limit to the search criteria that might work. Even if you think you've found exactly what you want, give the Search Engine a try. You might discover something incredibly useful.

Once you find a letter that meets your needs, simply print it to use as a guide, or copy and paste it into a word processing document. Then edit as needed, and it's ready for printing or e-mailing. It's just that easy!

Have fun with 250 Letters For Job Hunters. Good luck in your job search, and let us hear your success stories.

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