The word resume means "summary," and resumes began as biographical sketches. They listed hobbies and interests, and things like your height and weight.

Today, resumes are more sales- and marketing-oriented. They have become sales tools. Some are so accomplishment-oriented ("at my last job, I worked a miracle") that they bear almost no resemblance to the modest resumes of the past. If you have an accomplishment-oriented resume, it's easy to cut and paste a marketing letter. The two-step formula for this letter is:

  1. I hit triples and home runs at my last job, so . . .
  2. I can hit triples and home runs for you.

Here is the text of an excellent accomplishment-oriented letter:


Maurice M. Bordeaux
4421 Oak View Road | Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57103
C: 919-555-1212 | F: 919-555-1213 |

May 24, 20—

William S. Frank
304 Inverness Way South, STE 465
Englewood, Colorado 80112-5827

Dear Mr. Frank:

For some time my wife and I have been discussing a move from the South Dakota prairie to Colorado, and my research shows CareerLab to be active there. In eleven years with Northern Bank, I have developed skills in managing people, budgets, products, and services. These skills work well in any organization or profession.

Here are some of my accomplishments:

  • As Director of Consumer Loans, I successfully managed 20 loan officers in 8 locations. In four years we tripled our outstandings ($15,000,000 to $45,000,000) and profits, while keeping our delinquencies at the same low of 1.0%-1.3%.

  • As Retail Manager of our largest branch, my staff was motivated to increase deposits 30% ($73,000,000 to $90,000,000) over the last three years. I accomplished this with measurements, rewards, and enthusiastic training sessions.

  • In the last three years I reduced my branch staff from 30 to 23 (23%) by implementing automation and reorganization. This saved us $70,000 annually.

  • I developed our large line revolving credit product and also developed new fee income which is now 20% of total fee income.

Since my training has been in the banking profession, that is where I will concentrate my search. However, I think you will agree that the skills I have developed are adaptable to other situations. I will be home for two weeks beginning May 24th. I would like to visit with you and look forward to hearing from you some time then.

With best wishes,
Maurice M. Bordeaux


Maurice crafted a thoughtful, persuasive letter. I could tell by reading it that he got some phone calls. Well-written letters always do.

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