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"You can knock off that holier than thou attitude with me. I helped you find your last job, remember?"

One of my most successful job hunting clients explained his success this way: "I create relationships...the relationships create the jobs."

The hardest job search is the one that begins with no network or no personal good will. Job hunters who've neglected or damaged their personal relationships tend to stay unemployed longer.

How can you develop a strong support network? Congratulate friends in writing when they accomplish something noteworthy, take new jobs, or appear in the media. They'll appreciate and remember you for it.

When you see an article by or about someone you know, clip the item and send it to them along with a note of congratulations. Even if they've saved it themselves, they'll appreciate the extra copy to share.

From time to time, send small gifts to friends, recruiters, and business acquaintances to remind them you're still around. Inexpensive books work nicely. A newspaper, magazine, or journal article counts as a gift, and unexpected gifts are especially welcome. A warm letter sets the tone.

If you write or publish something, if you're featured in a news article, if you present a professional program or appear in the media, copy the articles and programs and mail them to your network, along with a note, "Thinking of you."

In marketing personal services (job-hunting), relationships are everything. Seek opportunities to build good will for yourself in the community. You'll never be sorry.

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