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"How to Cope With Employment."

The world economy is uncertain, and for many people job-hunting has become a lifestyle. With mergers, takeovers, bankruptcies, and new government legislation, you could be unemployed overnight—even if you own the company!

Make it a priority to let your network of recruiters, personal friends, and business acquaintances know where you are and what you're doing, at all times, especially when you change jobs or addresses. Announce changes even if it's an intercompany move.

Once they land a job, ex-job-hunters tend to forget those who've helped them. They get busy packing, moving, tying up loose ends, and taking on the duties of the new assignment; but that's a mistake. Remember, your first duty is to your career. This doesn't mean your new assignment isn't important. It means your friendships and your personal future are equally important.

The quickest way to handle the thank-you task is to give your letter and mailing list to a secretarial service. Let them type and address the letters; you sign them. This requires very little time and energy, probably less than two hours. Believe me, it's time well spent, and you can enclose your new business card. E-mail is also effective, but it's less personal; and you can attach an electronic business card, but not the paper version. As readers are bombarded by e-mail, paper letters are becoming more attention-getting and memorable.

The "Announce New Job (Human Resources)" letter is a good model. It's a combination newsletter, change of address, and thank-you, all in one—and it's limited to one page.

The best time to find a new job is when you don't need one, and the best time to cultivate business relationships is when everything is going smoothly.

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