Broadcast Letter to Recruiters (VP Engineering/R&D)
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Ali B. Sandtkhah
11726 San Vicente Boulevard / Los Angeles, California 90049
Office: 310 / 555-1212 - Home: 310 / 555-1234 -

May 27, 20--

Joseph D. Gibson
Executive Search Consultant
Technical Placement
4000 North Belt East
Houston, Texas 77060

Dear Mr. Gibson:

After 20 years with National Semiconductor, my business unit was merged with Battelle Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio. I was offered a transfer to Columbus, but declined the offer because my wife is General Counsel for a major employer here. As a result, I'm entering the job market, and the purpose of this letter is to make you aware of my candidacy.

I have extensive experience in integrated circuit and computer aided design tool development, and I have served on a number of technical and professional committees and organized and managed a number of large technical conferences. The following profile represents a list of parameters which may be help you understand my goals:

  1. Desired Positions
    Vice President/Director/Manager--Engineering, Research & Development, Integrated Circuit Design, Computer Aided Design

  2. Desired Duties and Responsibilities
    Research and Development, Product definition and development, Integrated Circuit Design, Definition and development of computer aided design tools, Technical Marketing, Strategic Planning.

  3. Preferred Companies and Industries
    Profitable Semiconductor Manufacturer, New Start-up with defined market niches and business plans, Large Research and Development Organization.

  4. Geography
    West and Southwest preferred (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Southern California, Texas).

  5. Compensation
    Current salary: $175K base, plus 25% bonus, stock options, and related perks. Compensation is not as important to me as the opportunity to remain on the bleeding edge of technology.

Please review my background relative to your current search assignments and contact me if you need additional information. I can be reached at (310)555-1212.

Let's talk soon,

Ali B. Sandtkhah

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