Broadcast Letter to Recruiters (President/CEO)
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9344 S. Pleasant Avenue
Chicago, IL 60620
(312) 233-7459 (H)
(312) 751-2700 (O)


March 13, 20--

Mr. Kenneth J. Cole, Publisher
P.O. Box 9433
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Dear Mr. Cole:

I am writing to you at the suggestion of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Executive Program and am a member of the fifty-seventh group. My track record demonstrates the kind of professional growth I've heard you like to recruit.

The president of a $182 million NYSE corporation chose me to head a division because of the contributions I made as a VP of Operations. While Division President, circumstances beyond my control--changing consumer preferences--have made me "Captain of the Titanic."

The significant achievements that led to my selection as President were:

  • Reducing administrative expenses $1 million annually by eliminating 26 jobs, consolidating functions, and more efficiently using data processing resources.

  • Successfully demonstrating to our union that we must reduce contractual task classifications. This negotiated concession reduced payroll costs by $600,000 in only one year.

  • Reducing direct costs 30% from the previous year by shrinking inventory and standardizing production and purchasing processes.

  • Improving direct mail profitability $350,000 by eliminating poor performing lists, changing advertising agencies and raising prices.

I will achieve similar results for my next employer.

I will be in my office next week; however, after that I will be traveling extensively. I look forward to your call so that we can begin a fruitful association.

With enthusiasm,

Paul L. Turner

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