Broadcast Letter to Friends (Fundraising)

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4920 East Warren Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 555-1212

November 17, 20--

Sheila Somberg
Mediation USA
245 South Humboldt Street, Suite 300
Denver, Colorado 80202

Dear Sheila,

Since we've known each other I've been a fundraiser, most recently at the University of Denver. Although I've enjoyed a successful career in fund raising, and have found the past several years intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding, I'm planning to change direction slightly and put my skills and experience to work in new areas of social and human services.

Instead of having responsibility only for fund raising, I'd like to take a broader role in a nonprofit, participating in the long-term results of the team effort. While I enjoy being involved in designing and developing fundraising efforts--I've always found that fun--I want to avoid asking for contributions and donations myself.

I'm excited about stepping into a position in which I'll be able to utilize my networking, communication and management skills, and at the same time experience new challenges and opportunities. I'd like to be associated with an established, growing nonprofit organization in need of an executive to help fulfill its mission of community enrichment. Although I don't have a preference for a particular kind of organization, I do prefer one in the greater Denver metro area.

I've enclosed a copy of my resume for your review. Please feel free to pass along copies to any of your friends or business acquaintances who you think may have an interest.

I plan to call you within the next 10 days to be sure you received this letter and to ask if you have any thoughts or ideas about people I should contact, or specific positions or opportunities I should pursue. I appreciate your taking the time to consider my situation, and I look forward to talking to you soon.

Best personal regards,

Skip Haley


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