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by William S. Frank

  1. He takes part in a "10,000 Step" program, which involves wearing a pedometer and counting steps. In a typical business day, he walks 5,000. So he has to walk outdoors or visit his health club to reach 10,000. He reads while on the treadmill at the club, so has fun while meeting this goal.

  2. Because his work and life are demanding, massage is a form of self-care.

  3. He keeps his ideal weight achievable, that is, within a few pounds of his current weight. He doesn't set unrealistic, punishing goals that defeat him. | Close this window |

  4. "Effortlessly" doesn't mean "without trying." It means maintaining life balance, what Aristotle called "The Golden Mean"—moderation in all things. Effortlessly also means using skills and talents he loves on tasks he would gladly do for nothing. He's playing in the right ballpark.

  5. He would like to be less tied to a city and office, so he is making his career more portable, more dependent on technology and the Internet. For example, instead of lugging a computer everywhere, his files and programs are stored online. That way he can access them easily.

  6. He wants to make writing a larger part of his career, and this Mel Brooks quote inspires him. | Close this window |

  7. He finds it far easier and more fun to work with and for people he loves and respects, so he screens out difficult people whenever possible. In this respect, his work becomes play.

  8. Each day he writes five things he's thankful for into a gratitude journal called "The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude," by Sarah Ban Breathnach. That equals 35 gratitudes each week, approximately 1800 per year. That's a lot to be thankful for. In addition, he saves past journals as a memory for his children and grandchildren. | Close this window

  9. Having lost several close friends and family members to death, he likes to comfort others when they suffer a loss. Often, he sends "I Remember You: A Grief Journal" by Laynee Gilbert.

  10. These are quotes he finds motivational or inspirational.

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