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Welcome, I'm Bill Frank, Chairman of CareerLab. I personally handle high-level careers, and I want to be certain you get the exceptional advice and service you deserve.

William S. Frank

This page is intended for professionals, consultants, business owners, and senior executives earning $100,000+. (And for fast track up-and-comers.) Your career has been a top priority for you. You've already attained great heights in the business world. (Or if not, you're in hot pursuit.) You've worked hard, harder than most. You've achieved many of your biggest dreams. Now the question is, what's next? And how do you get there?

We're here to help you answer those lofty questions. Take a quick tour of this section, and if I can be of any help on your journey, drop me a note. If you'd like to ask a quick question, or get started as a client, tell us a little about your situation.

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      And when you tell us about yourself, let us know what kind of assistance you need. Do you have a brief one-time question? Or do you have a larger issue that might require some consulting time? Do you want to hire us to provide assistance? The more facts you give us the easier it is to help you. Please don't send your resume without giving us some specifics about why you're contacting us.
As President of Coors Microlithics, William A. Rector used our outplacement services for his departing employees. When Bill left Coors himself, we were the first people he called for advice. We helped him assume the Presidency of Industry Network Corporation in New Mexico. Four years later--just recently-- we assisted in his job campaign to become President/COO of The Kemtah Group. Bill describes CareerLab as "a small personal firm that cares."