You Were Born to Be Great
by William S. Frank
Winter Explorer
  In college I discovered a multi-level marketing program called "Born to Be Great." I loved the concept that everyone, including me, might be great.

Trouble was, it was a pyramid scheme, and the only reason for the program's existence was to recruit more participants to generate cash for the people at the top of the pyramid. Nothing wrong with that, but the recruiting and moneymaking took precedence over the "being great."

I never got involved.

As I reflect on Emerson's "Spiritual Laws," and as I think about how I've advised clients over the years, these thoughts come to mind:

Don't be afraid of your own greatness. Don't shirk from it. Don't be second-guessed, put down, or dissuaded by others. Trust yourself and your own inner voice, your own inner guidance.

The greatest career success comes from being yourself, your deepest most honest self. Not from imitating others, not from doing what's popular or "most marketable."

Carl Jung spoke about "individuation," becoming more and more like yourself, different from others. That leads to some loneliness as you lose the crowds; but it is exhilarating as we discover our one true voice.

    "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."
    ~ Carl G. Jung
If you have a self and a history, you have a career. No need to worry. You don't have to consult the Wall Street Journal to see who's hiring, or be frightened by seeing who's laying off.

Get close to yourself. Follow your personal urges and preferences. Trust your inner guidance.

Sure, you'll have to create some marketing materials and align with reality. ("Find a need and fill it.") I can't simply declare myself a cardiac surgeon because I feel called to the work. Naturally, there are job requirements.

But if you go your own way, you'll find doors opening, you'll notice friends helping, you'll be the one-on-a-kind you were meant to be. The world of work cannot refuse you.

You were born to be great.

William S. Frank (Bill) is President/CEO of CareerLab® in Denver, CO—USA. Bill does one thing right: he helps businesspeople maximize their careers. That's it. Nothing else. He works nationally in-person or by phone. Companies hire him and so do forward-thinking individuals. Since 1978, 355 brand-name corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions in far-ranging industries have hired Bill to provide Testing & Assessment, Executive Coaching, and Outplacement. If you like his writing, his website includes 200 free articles and www.cover-letters offers 1,000 FREE cover letters.

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