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Shorten Your Next Job Search

I've heard it takes about one month for every $10,000 in salary to find a new job. For example, six months for a $60,000 income. Why does jobhunting take so long?

Jobhunting often takes a long time because job seekers are taken by surprise. They're caught off guard and totally unprepared. They've taken employment for granted. They haven't thought much about their careers or made contingency plans. In short, they have no "plan B." They've assumed that things at work will remain "pretty much the same," and that "everything will work out alright"—often a big mistake.

If you're employed now, here are ten ways you can shorten a future job search:

  • Expect that your job could end at any moment, even if you own the company.

  • Network (make friends) heavily inside and outside your company and industry. Seize the opportunity to help others.

  • Stay on the cutting edge of your technology. Never be satisfied with your current Skillset. Keep learning and innovating. Don't be left behind.

  • Know yourself inside out. Consider taking a reliable, valid, in-depth career assessment like The Birkman Method. The Birkman is the best career assessment on the market. It's the blood test, X-Ray, MRI, and CT scan for careers.

  • Keep a high-impact, results-oriented resume ready to be e-mailed to a recruiter on short notice—TODAY.

  • Print personalized letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. If you have an e-mail address or website, include it. Vistaprint is the best online printer I have found. Get 250 premium quality, color business cards FREE! Order today!

  • Develop relationships with the recruiters you meet. Stay in touch. If you help them now—give them names of job openings and potential candidates—they may help you later. Use The Kennedy database to broadcast your resume to executive recruiters or headhunters.

  • Wear fashionable clothing, eyeglasses, and accessories—anything else says, "old, out-of-style, over the hill." See the latest Styles from Tumi. Tumi has fashionable, up-to-date accessories.

  • Send a thank you note to anyone who takes you to lunch, does you a favor, or helps you on a work project.

  • Last of all, and maybe most important, be supportive of others. Make sure that when people end a conversation with you they feel better than when they began it.

To sum up: Keep yourself well-prepared. Stay in a job search mindset every day of your worklife, and you'll seldom, if ever, be unemployed. | Return to index of articles.


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