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Quick Career Fitness Test
I'm building a high-performance career, and don't want to settle for second best. What questions should I ask myself to be sure I'm on a fast-track, upward trend.

Take a few moments to answer these questions honestly. If you answer 75% with "YES," you're off to a good start. If not, there's room for improvement, and perhaps some career coaching, counseling, or mentoring.

  1. Do you keep an ongoing diary of your work results? [FranklinCovey diaries.]
  2. Do you have an updated resume—totally current?
  3. Have you attended more than 50% of the meetings of your trade group or professional association this past year? Have you served on a committee? Given a presentation? Held an office?
  4. Have you attended a business meeting in a field outside your industry in the last three months?
  5. Have you published an article in a newspaper or professional journal in the last six months? Or have you given a talk?
  6. Have you had feedback that you're over-stressed, burning out, or plateauing?
  7. Does the grass look green right where you are, or do you imagine greener pastures elsewhere?
  8. Are you devoting 110% of your energy to being productive at work?
  9. Can you operate basic business software: word processing, filing and spreadsheet programs? Do you have an Internet e-mail account? Do you have access to the Internet, and can you surf the Web effectively for research purposes?
  10. Do the values of your company match your own? Meaning, do you stand for the same things they do? Do they stand for the same things you do?
  11. Do you have a written record of your personal contact network (names, addresses, and telephone numbers)? Better yet, do you keep your contact network on an electronic database like CardScan so you can access it instantly and back it up to keep it safe?
  12. Have you invited two non-company friends out this month and bought them lunch?
  13. Have you read a book on creativity lately? Or any other good business book?
  14. Have your performance evaluations in the last six-to-twelve months been flawless?
  15. Do you have a good rapport with your boss?
  16. Have you held on to your original dreams and ideals, the dreams and ideals you had as a child or young adult?
  17. Have you written a personal mission or goal statement? Do you know what you want to do with your life and with your career?
  18. Do you subscribe to (and read) at least two business publications?
  19. Do you know your market value in dollars?
  20. Are you in an ongoing learning program? Are you reading a business-related book now, or taking a business-related course?
  21. Do you talk about what's working, rather than what's not working?
  22. Are you in your job because you love it—not because you're afraid to leave it?
Now, take ten minutes in a quiet setting. Summarize the things you have learned about yourself and the thoughts and feelings this questionnaire has raised. Write a personal action plan to take the next steps forward. | Return to index of articles.

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