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Showcase Your "Home Run" Accomplishments, Part Seven
Not all accomplishment statements follow these rules. Some wordings are good just because they sound good. If they sound impressive, leave them alone. "Operated within one and one-half percent of projected annual budget," is an accomplishment simply stated. It should be left alone. Concentrate on improving weaker text.

Baseball Sometimes two, three or even twelve small achievements can be lumped together to make them sound better. For example: If you taught the same accounting seminar every day for a year, that's fairly routine. But if you've taught the seminar 285 times with consistently excellent evaluations, that's exciting. [It's even better if you can produce the rave reviews on the course evaluation forms.]

Sometimes companies abandon projects or shelve reports you've worked hard on. You still accomplished something even though they didn't use your work. Let's suppose you spent six months writing a report, and the leadership team shelved it. There's no "So what?" Nothing great happened. Your effort can still be written as an accomplishment, like this: "Designed research study, interviewed 438 people, collected data from 27 academic sources and presented 187 page strategic report to management."

Bad examples. These are poorly-written success statements:

  • Managed insurance, pension, employee savings, tuition reimbursement programs. (So what?)

  • Advised parent company senior executives and joint venture partners and managers on issues of strategic planning and daily operations. (Merely a statement of job duties and responsibilities.) | Next -->

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