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About the Executive Portfolio

Try the "Executive Portfolio"™ at no charge for thirty days. Our TalentWizard™ allows you to create a career marketing website or online "Executive Portfolio"™ using only basic word processing and Internet browsing skills. It's fun, fast, and easy. The tools are designed for non-technical beginners. See examples.

    What's in it for me? Twelve reasons to build an Executive Portfolio.™

    Just like any Internet site, your portfolio will have its own unique URL
    (web address), which will look like this: http://portfolio.intalent.com/myname150
    Note that there is no "www" in the address.

    Your website will market you around the clock 24x7x365. The Internet never
    stops working for you. Here are 11 easy ways to market_yourself using the
    Executive Portfolio™. Build your portfolio.

    You can build and customize your portfolio using only basic word processing
    and Internet browsing skills. The tools are designed for non-technical beginners.
    If you need assistance, there are "Help" icons throughout, and you have unlimited
    access to weekly user group meetings by telephone. In addition, CareerLab
    offers writing, editing, and rewriting services to help you complete your Executive
    Portfolio the way you want it, and the way readers will expect it. Build your

    There is no charge to build your portfolio, or to host it online for thirty days.
    You'll be notified 10 days before your free time expires. After that, there will be
    a small monthly charge: $12 per month; $60 for six months; $99 for a year.
    You'll always be notified before your subscription expires. Unless you re-enter
    your billing information, your account will automatically close, and there will be
    no further charges to your card. Build your portfolio.

    See examples created by other successful professionals.


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