How to Improve Productivity Using 360-Degree Feedback  
  In the 80s, corporations were downsizing and employees were often viewed as disposable. Today, the tables are turned. It's an employees' market: there aren't enough good people to go around. Recruiting, retraining, and retention are seen as the big issues in corporate America. Particularly retention. Companies are asking, "How can we develop good people and hold onto them?"

My phone at CareerLab has been ringing off the hook lately with exactly these kinds of calls. Having completed many successful turnaround consulting assignments, I see that performance improvement cases have two common threads:

    No Clue
    The affected worker hasn't had the slightest idea what the real issues were.

    No Standard Solution
    Each situation was so different there hasn't been a cookie-cutter solution.

Does this sound familiar? I'll bet it does.

Using our heavy coaching experience, we approach these issues with "multi-rater" or "360-degree feedback" instruments, such as the Campbell Leadership Index. Thus far, we've had a world of success with a 6-step "multi-rater" evaluation and coaching process designed to retain key employees. The process includes:

    Action Planning

Having seen the 360-degree Feedback results, here's what our clients have said:

"This process was the most successful training program we have ever implemented
--at only a fraction of the cost."

"We really had not expected to see any change from the participant--
but were shocked to learn that the individual was not only able to change,
but in fact quickly made the changes necessary for success."

These kinds of responses make me feel like we're truly making a difference for our client organizations. If you'd like to learn more about the 360-degree feedback process,
give me a call at 303/790-0505, or send me a note. I'd really enjoy meeting you.

Your professional associate,

William S. Frank


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